Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Laura Mercier Lip Glacé

My last review from the Space NK sale: another Laura Mercier product that I payed only £2 for! So far my bargains have been a bit hit and miss - the moral is that things go into the sale that low for a reason girls! This is my second product from Laura Mercier; the Lip Glacé.

It wouldn't be my first choice of colour in a gloss, I prefer pinks, but this is a pearlescent, clear gloss with flecks of glitter. It smells of sugar and candyfloss which I really love! The consistency once on the lips is smooth, not sticky, and gives the effect of fuller, plump lips.

I don't usually wear gloss but this is a lovely, comfortable every day gloss that would look great over a pink or nude lipstick. I'm definitley a fan!

Samantha's Secret | Featured Followers

Hey lovely ladies,

So I have been writing this blog for a few months now and am really appreciative of my followers, the people who take time to read my posts and comment. I feel that it is hard sometimes to put a personal touch into your blog, particularly since I am reluctant to post photos of myself or include OOTD's or FOTD's (although I would love to include outfits at some stage.)

I also always look forward to reading new blogs and discovering new talent and style, and think its important to support the small blogs and the effort that their writers put into keeping them up to date and interesting!

Rather than selling advertising space like I have seen other bloggers do - Every week I would like to feature a follower of my blog, to introduce them and to showcase their blog! So if you think yours is appropriate (beauty, fashion, etc) comment on this post and each week I will choose a lady to interview. Obviously the only condition being that you are a follower of my blog. Hopefully some of you will find new blogs to follow!

P.s If anyone would like to swap blog buttons, I would love to have some other lovely blogs on my page that I can direct my readers onto! As long as your button is in keeping with my blog I'd be happy to if anyone is interested in increasing their readers!xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Lime Crime Magic Dust

Another great cheap purchase from the Space NK sale: I picked up this beauty for £2 - but unlike the Laura Mercier shadow that I found very lacking, this 'magic dust' from Lime Crime is a great little number.

As you can see it is a loose shimmer shadow, in a very unusual colour: Dragon Scales. I can see why it didn't exactly fly off the shelves - but then I think its a gorgeous shade! Full price these shadows cost £12 which I think is a reasonable price for the quality and in comparison to other high end loose shadows.
This may be a difficult colour to wear but I have green eyes so copper/orange tones suit me, and I think this would look great over a black base.

 It's so difficult to capture a beautiful colour in a photo, but the shade has many dimensions. When first applied it appears as a brown shimmer with a green tinge but when blended has more of a reddish tone. Definitley alike to dragon scales! The powder is soft and blendable and for £2 I am so impressed. I've never heard of Lime Crime before has anyone else tryed any of their products?

P.s Do you think that all the bloggers have maybe been sponsored by Boss Pour Nuit Femme this week??


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Gosh Intense Eyeliner - A Competition Win!

I was lucky enough recently to win one of these Gosh Intense Eyeliner Pens from the lovely May from Smooch. Thanks May!

I thought I would do a quick review on it anyway since I have really enjoyed using this pen! I recieved 02 Grey which is a slightly blueish grey.

I'm very much a gel liner girl so I had forgotten how simple and quick liquid pen applicators can be! I love the soft colour of this and it made me want to revert back to my old black liner pens. The nib is long and pointed, moist not scratchy and yuk like some can be, and in general I really enjoyed using it! The nature of the nib means that you can draw fine, delicate lines or use the edge for a thicker effect. The result is not fully opaque but a soft colour. I would recommend this pen for eyeliner users or first timers due to the easy application.

I was going to put a link here for May's original review of the Gosh pens but it appears to no longer be on her blog, so here is a link to her blog so you can have a read!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | High Street Haul

I've done a bit of shopping recently and thought I would share some fun bits. So far this blog has been mainly on beauty topics, but I love fashion and clothing! I'm definitley not brave enough to do OOTD's or FOTD's (I salute you if you do!) but sometimes I find some gems that should be shared and we all love a good haul!!

Primark Mens
Monsoon / Accessorize

Zara Hotpants - First of all check out these INSANELY hot Zara hotpants - I am just so in love with them. The first day I got them I pranced around my bedroom and my boyfriend said I looked like Cheryl Cole. So now obviously I think I'm Cheryl Cole when I'm wearing them. (So naat the case.) Sadly the weather hasn't really been up to cracking this bad boy pair out.

Primark Aztec Shorts - I'm a lover of all things aztec, I don't care wether it's 'in' or not.

Primark Sweat - Don't underestimate the Mens department girls! I have picked up so many great sweats and jumpers this year that are fun, cheap and you won't see them around often. This long sleeved grey has flecks of neon orange and yellow which I love!

H&M Pearl Collar - While the collar craze is still about, I loved this pearly embellishment and soft chiffon blue top.

H&M Cats Camisole - This was in the sale for £5 ... What more can I say. It's a bit crazy and has cats, panthers, leopards ... I love it.

Primark Shoe Boots - I've been looking out for a pair of these babies for a while, so couldn't believe my luck when they popped up in Primarni for around £16. Black suede with gold zips and tassels to the back.

Accessorize Snakeskin Clutch - This was reduced down to a ridiculous £7 - I loved the gold panther and snakeskin detail.

So these are my recent shopping favourites - let me know what you think and leave links to your recent hauls below I need some new bloggage to read!!

Samantha's Secret | Beauty Box Competition Win!

I have been lucky enough recently to win 2 beauty blogger giveaways! This handmade 'beauty box' was courtesy of the lovely Sarirah from pretty.not.included!! Thankyou so much for my goodies!

Here's what I won:

Complete with a cute note from the sender:

A little package of goodies and samples - to add to my mountainous task that is Project Sample! But I look forward to trying them all out and giving mini reviews in the future.

Thanks Sarirah!!

You can look at pretty.not.included here!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colour

This is my first purchase from Laura Mercier, and I was lucky enough to pick up one of these Sequin Eye Colour individual eyeshadows for a ridiculous £2 in the Space NK sale.

The packaging is sturdy, expensive and sleek; exactly what I expected from the brand. I ordered a lovely pink shade: Brilliant Rose.

I was so massively disappointed by this product. I don't know what I expected, having snapped it up for a mere £2, but still this shadow was just pathetic. As you can see I've included a swatch photo on my finger, where the colour looks gorgeous (I was very excited at this point) but when I went to apply to the back of my hand, the colour literally did not transfer at all and I was just pushing around a couple of specks of glitter. The same thing happened when I used a brush.

I can't comment on texture, how it blends, durability or even colour payoff since this product has not yet made it onto my face. I'm so sad :( but not overly suprised now that it was selling at such a low price.

Has anyone tryed any other LM eye products? I haven't written off the brand at all, as I know they make some great products, but it's still a disappointment as I was so excited to recieve it!!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains

I've been looking forward to trying these out ever since their release was announced. I have 2 shades to show: Devotion and Rendezvous.

They are infamously similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks in packaging and concept. I haven't ever bought a chubby stick, but having swatched them extensively I have always come to the conclusion that they are horrifically expensive for what is essentially a glorified lip balm!

These, however, give a quick easy slick of moisturising colour and then stain the lips for hours afterwards. For me this is quite a big deal as I have fairly thin lips and no lipstick or stains ever really last very long, but these genuinely sit for hours. I love them!

Top: Cherish Bottom: Rendezvous
As you can see the balm stains are very pigmented, go on very glossy at first, and this gloss lasts an hour or so or until you first eat or drink. The stain will then stay on for another few hours. The only downside I find with these are the smell upon application - sort of mint choc chip-ish? Just ew. I would expect a fruity or vanilla scent, but I find the fake minty smell a bit gross. I do find though that on my lips the slight minty sting puffs my lips so slightly.

I can't recommend these stains enough - I'm going to get all the colours! I now just wish I was brave enough to show lip swatches!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | Chanel Tan de Chanel

I didn't mean to buy this.

At least, I didn't set out meaning to get it, but I've been trying to find the perfect bronzer for ages. My needs were quite specific - I wanted a large, round palette to get a good swirl on with a chunky brush. It needed to be matte, no shimmer and in a luxurious compact, not a Rimmel-type with a plastic lid. I think I have something like the limited edition Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer in mind, but I couldn't find anything like it anywhere.

So I was wandering around Debenhams when my puzzled expression must have attracted one of the counter girls who asked if I needed help. She suggested a Guerlain bronzer, but not wanting to shell out fifty quid for it I ended up at Chanel where the lovely lady there took me straight to the Tan de Chanel. I don't know why this had not come to mind before, particularly with all the recent hype, and especially since my idols Sam and Nic Pixiwoo have used this in gazillions of videos for the last few months! I was sold.

It is of course in the gorgeous classic Chanel black and gold packaging, with a sturdy screw lid and protective layer over the mousse-like bronzer. I didn't exactly fulfill all my bronzer requirements since its not exactly a compact and you probably wouldn't lug it out with you.

Its strange to apply as being a creamy product, and in only 1 shade, your initial reaction is to want to use it sparingly, but you do need to get a good amount on your brush for it to blend. I have been using the EcoTools Bronzer Brush - you need quite a firm, flat dense brush to buff in so the Real Techniques Stippling brush didn't apply that well. A small kabuki would equally be great, which is what the lady used on the counter to demonstrate.

The finished effect is a glowing, bronzed complexion. I feel that my face appears slimmer and contoured, more so than any other product I have used! I love the glow that it gives, but as it does only come in one (quite dark) shade, I don't know how well it would work on fair skin. I am fair but usually tanned, and have freckles all over so I feel that it works for me as long as I blend well.

I am still on the hunt for a powder bronzer in compact form - what is everyone's favorite? Any recommendations?? I want a round one for some reason!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Samantha's Secret | NOTD: World's End

Another day, another nail paint.
I have been searching for a true turqouise for a while, and this leapt out at me: Topshop 'World's End'. After all the fuss over 'Pool Party', it just paled in comparison sitting next to this.

Topshop World's End
 You may be able to see that it's quite messy with bumps all over it; shortly after painting them I went to the cinema to see the new Batman film The Dark Knight. Needless to say, it was a pretty tense 2.5 hours which I spent sitting on my hand holding my breath. Consequently ruining the turquoise. If you haven't seen it, you have to its awesome!!xx