Wednesday, 24 October 2012

America Haul #4 Sephora Nano Eyeliners

These dinky little eyeliners were part of the Sephora's own make-up range, which was pretty good actually and reasonably priced. These cost something ridiculous like $5 so I had to grab a few, and went for these pretty colours, in electric blue and grey.

They are perfect for the waterline, creating a base for a smokey eye, etc. And because they are tiny they are good to travel with!!
If any Americans are reading - whats the general opinion on Sephoras own range? Is it seen as cheap and nasty or generally good for a bargain?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

America Haul #2 Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush

Sooooo many of you will already know and will have read about this little baby, which is why I made sure to seek it out in New York and it really wasn't hard to find!!

This cute little brush claims to boost your mood and make you happy, and who can argue that.

With its little hearts embossed all over the blush, its a pleasure to use and while I have no clue about the science behind it, it does make me smile anyway since it's pretty. It comes with a little flipup mirror with brush inside, which was a bit of a surprise, you probably wouldn't use it but the thought was there!!

Absolutely in love with this and it gives a really pretty rosey glow. Definitely recommend!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

America Haul #3 Anastasia Brow Wiz

IF, like me you are a massive Pixiwoo fan, you will no doubt have heard them rave about this product and use it in every other video. That must be why, I made sure to put it in my basket in Sephora.

and, I LOVE IT.

You can get this product in the UK, but not readily, and mainly online - and for me an eyebrow pencil is not the sort of thing I would buy without trying first. I got the colour Medium Ash, which is a perfect match for me. The consistency is not that of a pencil but more like a soft, waxy stick that makes neat, precise lines without looking drawn on. Usually eyebrow pencils have too much of a red tone to them, and while I do have a reddish tone in my hair, I don't want it on my eyebrows!! I am soooo pleased with this product, and would be happy to now order it again and again.

America Haul #1 Rollerball Fragrances

Instead of doing one big haul post and then lots of separate reviews on everything I got in New York, I decided just to review them all separately as usual but these treats are all from the US!! I've also had a bit of time by now to try all these things out now and have more of an idea what I would repurchase and stock up on if I were to go over again!!

The first thing I have to say about America is that they are VERY lucky to have the amazing Sephora store, what I would do to get one of those over here!!! The other thing I love is that you can get miniatures of practically everything!!!!!

I picked up some of these cute rollerball perfumes, at $20 each, as they are perfect gifts, for keeping in your handbag for top-ups throughout the day and travelling with!

I got Vera Wang Princess, and Marc Jacobs Daisy, but they are also avaliable in most big name perfumes you can think of.

Wish the UK would sort it out and get these!!!!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Pink Gold

I was excited to find this on a promotional Maybelline stand in Boots this week! Either this wasn't out with the original launch of the colour tattoo eyeshadows or it completely passed me by!! (I'm sure it wasn't!)

This gorgeous pink shimmer will be perfect for the winter / party season, and with the formulation of these little pots already a firm favourite amongst beauty addicts everywhere - I'm sure I won't be the only one excited to use this!! These are perfect for a bit of shimmer and glam for nights out - and they do not budge.

I already have one of the original shades in 'On and on Bronze'. They are so similar to Mac paint pots, they stay true to the claim of having 24 hour wear and 'tattoo'like longevity, and are perfect to use as a base,

Monday, 8 October 2012

My New VIVO Collection

I was delighted to find a Tesco 'Home Plus' this week while working away in Southampton. I know it may be a little sad but other girls that have a house with their boyfriend will understand: buying stuff to go in your own home is AMAZING and so much fun!!!! So its exciting to go into cheapo places like Tesco or the Range to find cute homey things. I think that if you have good taste you can shop anywhere and that goes for clothes also.

While I was having a browse I found a VIVO stand which I have heard a lot about already through blogs in the past! I was really impressed by their collection of super affordable pallettes, especially eye shadows, and blushers. With most items at under the 5pound price point, I knew I had to give it a bash.

I picked up this awesome Colour Block in 'Unprotected'  eyeshadow palette which has more than a few shades comparable to the Naked palette! The shadows are of really great quality for the price.

I also couldn't resist one of the baked blushers, and chose 'Peaches and Cream'.

I am in love with this blusher, it gives such a pretty flush of colour, and I've been using it most days.
Im amazed by how affordable this makeup collection is, and also the quality is great. I'm sad now that I didn't pick up a huuuuge bronzer pan for about 4 pounds. I did also get a mascara, that isn't worth mentioning, but I'm happy to accept that there will always be hit/miss products in cheaper ranges - I have found two products that I love though!

Giveaway Winner!!

My amazeballs Rafflecopter form has chosen a winner for my Maybelline Baby Lips Giveaway!!

...Anna Forrester!!

Well done Anna, hope you enjoy your little prize!! Please leave me a comment below with your email address and I will be in contact!!

Thanks to all who entered and stay put for another little America giveaway!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

NY Fashion

While I was in New York I took so many photos of just beautiful items, that I could either not afford or didn't need. I thought at least I could share the pictures on this blog and we could collectively drool over the beauty of some of the things I found!

Zara long wool green and studs coat (amazing boots too!)
Alexander McQueen heels
Pretty dresses in Saks
A very beautiful but very overpriced UO necklace

Amazing bangles in Tiffany's!
Nail varnish with a naughty name ... hehe
Jimmy Choo

If I went again I would love to take some street style photos, but I just wasn't brave enough! Also I was with my mum, and didn't want to drag her around while I chatted to strangers!! While I was away I picked up a couple of things to bring back for giveaways - you can enter my first one here

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

All of us girlies by now are in love with Samantha Chapman's Real Tecniques brushes. Most of them are now a staple part of our makeup routine and personally I have been loving using the Stippling Brush to apply my foundation.

Until this .... haha

The brush is rounded and very dense. This means that it buffs foundation into the face leaving a flawless completely airbrushed finish and the brush does not absorb loads of product, which was my only complaint with the stippling brush.

I'm just .... soooo undecided about this brush. I love that it's firm and buffs product in incredibly well, but I can't help thinking that its almost buffing all the product back off again! Sometimes I feel that its all so well blended and buffed that I never have enough foundation on!! Should't complain about having such a perfectly natural finish but ... I feel like I am actually putting more on than normal. I think this brush would be better suited to contouring cream products, on the cheek, as it is shaped well for that use and it was also hard to blend foundation in trickier areas such as around the nose/eye as the brush does not budge out of its shape - which is where the stipple brush is better suited.

As ever though, the RT quality is amazing, the taklon bristles are super soft and it's a pleasure to apply your base. Has anyone else tried this brush yet???!! And what are your feelings on it??!

Have you all also entered my giveaway of a little treat from America?! Click here if you'd like to enter!!
Hope your all having a lovely weeek.xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New York, New York

I thought I would share a quick few photos from my trip to New York. The main reason I went over was because my uncle was getting married, and I'd never met him before so I flew over with my mummy to meet a whole other side of my family which was quite exciting!

I had a couple of days in the city which I spent mostly in midtown / uptown doing shopping!! I will do a series of posts soon with all my goodies! Then we travelled up the Hudson river to Stonypoint, NY where my uncle had hired an amazing house by the lake for all the family wedding guests, to chill, drink and eat LOTS!

Up the Rockafella building
The most beautiful Sephora
Crazy half-naked deaf/mute guy
Shouty road sign!
Mummy and I ready for the wedding!
Aunt Viv!!!
I also met the original Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!!!! She was at the wedding and she was so, so nice. She even added me on facebook!!! EEEeeeee now we are besties. I practically know Will Smith. But how pale do I look next to her!!!?

All my haul bits are yet to come and also a post on America fashion!! Have you all also entered my giveaway of a little treat from America?! Click here if you'd like to enter!!
Hope your all having a lovely weeek.xx

GIVEAWAY : Maybelline Baby Lips!

In New York I picked up a little somethin' for my UK readers, as sadly some of the beauty bits over the sea are a little out of reach for us British girls!!
I wanted to get something pretty small for postage's sake, but something fairly unobtainable in the UK and as far as I know, these have not yet been released here! The prize for this giveaway is the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, in 'Pink Punch'.

This cute little lip balm claims to give 8 hour moisture, make your lips 82% visibly less dry, 94% less rough, 77% more supple and 77% better looking with a slick of sheer colour! Whoa they went a bit mental on the research didn't they!

 All you have to do is follow my blog, and follow me on Twitter. I have a new account and am very fresh to the Twitter world with zilcho followers so if you could follow me, introduce yourself and say hello that would be super duper lovely and I will try to get into using it!!
This giveaway is open to UK readers only I'm afraidy, enter using the Rafflecopter form below and good luuuck to everyone!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

EOS Summer Fruit Lipbalm and GIVEAWAY

In America one of the things I definitely wanted to try and get hold of were the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lipbalms, purely for 'done that' value since I seriously am not in need of any lip products.

It didn't prove difficult since every supermarket and pharmacy stocked the balms, for around 6 dollars. I chose the pink summer fruit version! They are made with shea butter and jojoba oil for 'happy, moist super smooth lips.'

The consistency is like Body Shop lip butters if anyone has tried them before? It has quite a strong fruity smell which is not unpleasant but would make me feel a bit queasy after a while! I like that they are 100%, natural and 95% organic, paraben and petrolium free and not tested on animals.

You can get hold of EOS balms on Ebay for around 5 pounds with postage, an example seller is linked here.

While I was away I picked up a couple of exciting America things to give away to my lovely readers sooo ... later on this evening my next post will be about a giveaway of another American beauty product that we are yet to see over here in the UK! Sadly for this reason it will be open to UK followers only. Can you guess what the prize will be ??!!