Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MUA Lip Boom

Today I picked up two of MUA's latest product: The Lip BOOM, created with Alexandra Burke.

The idea is great: A lipstick with gloss all in one product. I was really excited to try these out and picked them up in the shades "Cheeky!" and "OK.Com" - a pink and a nude.

L-R: Ok.Com, Cheeky!

In one end there is a matte lipstick, the other a glittery gloss. The idea is that you can use the product in 4 ways: Lipstick alone for a matte look; Lipgloss alone for a sheer finish; Lipstick with gloss and Lipstick with the gloss as a highlighter to the centre of the lips to create volume. The shades I got are great; one a dusky matte pink and the other a nudey that would look great on darker skin. There were 2-3 other shades.


This product really disappointed me. I've not yet had a negative review on my blog but sadly this is the first. The first lipstick snapped off when I attempted to swatch, not because it was hot or mushy or too far pushed up - the formula was dry, flaky and brittle. The glosses on both are sickly-sweet, smelling strongly of vanilla which I know a lot of people will hate, and the glitter is chunky and gritty. I ended up wiping the lot off after 5 minutes of wear as the texture and smell were making me queasy. As for the greasy pot of product at the end of the lipstick, I've no idea what it is or it's purpose as there is no mention of it on the packaging!

I don't know if I am being too harsh - MUA is a cheap make-up brand. These cost only £3, some of their products are really surprising in terms of quality but this was a total let down. I feel like I have wasted my money as the broken one I have chucked and the other will get no use. But if you go to pick this up even just look at the ingredients list first - Yuk!!

I got these as there were a few good mentions on renowned blogs, but I guess if I had been invited to an event with Alexandra Burke and given free products to sample, I might have had nicer things to say. I guess you can only really trust your own opinion!! Has anyone else tryed these and care to make me feel less mean?! xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

NOTD: Essie Mint Candy Apple

The weather is sooo beautiful at the moment, I really felt the need for pastel nails. Luckily my Boots is now stocking Essie (yesssss finally!) so I picked up a couple of colours, including todays NOTD:

Mint Candy Apple
Its a gorgeous pastelly mint green, and it doesn't give 'corpse fingers' although I do have a bit of colour at the moment. I know that this is a really raved about shade, but I must say that it is not all that unique and I'm perfectly sure you could find a dupe for much less. I have a Models Own shade knocking about somewhere that is very similar. Having said that, the formulation is really nice to work with, these nails took 2 coats for opacity, and the brush is great (apparently much better than the original Essie polishes). The finish is really glossy and I've had it on 3 days now with a top coat and no tip wear.
(If you can see lines on my nails its where I had Shellac a few months ago in one of those Chinese nail places and they filed a layer off my nails- it's growing out now.)

Hope everyone is enjoying the glorious British weather! I've discovered a lot more blogs in the past week or so and have really enjoyed reading them all so please let me know if you write one also! xx


Clockwise from top left:

Topshop Silk Shirt - I'm loving silk at the moment, and I am looking for the perfect shirt to put some collar tips on.

Asos Fawn Print Playsuit - I check this is still in my size literally every other day but still havent got the moolah!

Topshop Studded Court Heels - Ouccchhy these are horrendously expensive and probably equally as uncomfortable but beaut.

Mac Costa Chic - I have wanted this beautiful corally lippie for a while now but not sure if I need it now that I have Watch Me Simmer!

Dixi Turqouise Ring - Dixi is full of stunning vintage and new pieces. Annoying and teasing that they keep up pictures of stock that is long sold though!!

Henri Bendel Bangles - Arn't these beautiful and paired with the khaki silk shirt really reminds me of the safari/explorer-trend that usually comes around in the summer.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - A perfect fragrance for summer with a light, coconutty scent and a beautiful bottle.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Yankee Candles on the Cheaaap!!

I know the title of this post will excite many of you. So I have some wisdom to impart - Clinton's Cards stock Yankee Candles but sadly is closing down and everything in store is in sale with a further 20% off!

There wasn't much stock left in my local store but I managed to pick up these two:

Vanilla Cupcake - mmmmm DELISH
Pink Sands
These two came in at about £10 - which you will all know is RIDIC for Yankee candles! The little sampler one was 88p!!!! It has made my whole house smell like baking. Mmm.
So on the grounds that it is a law of femininity to share finds like this, I suggest you all dash out to Clintons and GET SOME CANDLES!!xx

On a side note my little panther Archibald wanted in on the sunshine!!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Reel Sexy

For me Mac collections are not usually the most scintillating of things; I get the emails but don't rush on over to the nearest counter to check it all out. Reel Sexy however, was a chance for me to get my hands on a lipstick that has topped my wishlist for a couple of months!! I was gutted when I missed getting Watch Me Simmer from the Shop Cook collection, as it sold out pretty swiftly. But, we know Mac and it was back with this new collection - along with another pretty that caught my eye.

'Crew' High-Light Powder, 'Watch Me Simmer' Amplified Lipstick
Watch Me Simmer

Oh My God it's the most beautiful lipstick I own (I'm sure of it!!) Its an amazing bright pink orange, that looks corally when applied. I've never bought an amplified finish before and it really is bright, wow, incredibly pigmented and really long-wearing.

I also ordered a High-Light Powder in 'Crew'.

This high-lighter is in the Hey, Sailor! collection hence the stripes. Its beautiful and the colours in it are lovely, just .... dare I say it I just don't know how to use it??! It's not shimmery or highlighting like a highlighter should be, its not pigmented enough to be a blusher - I'm baffled? I ended up using it to set my foundation but did not find it particularly illuminating or anything. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what they use it for. I'm hoping once it is worn down a little that the highlight powder will come out more.

Another pleasurable Mac haul!! Please follow if you enjoy reading and let me know about your beauty blogs also!! xx

Clinique Mascara Swap

Just a reminder to all - Clinique are offering a free deluxe mascara sample when you trade in any old, clumpy or used mascara!!

Just take in an old mascara from any brand and trade it for a spanking new one! Choose from either High Impact or High Lengths mascara. The offer has been on this week and ends tomorrow (20th May) and is exclusively at Debenhams Clinique counters. Don't miss out on free mascara ladies!!!xx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Dating Coral

YESSSSSS!!!!! I have finally got a Loreal Rouge Caresse in Dating Coral!
A little bit over-excitable, I know, but I have been to countless Boots stores where the Loreal stand has just been completely annihilated and all the grubby teenagers have squished All the available lippies in their excitement, haha.

But one is now mine, here's the bad boy...

This shade is gorgeous, its a soft pinky coral, its so wearable and for a 'balmy' lipstick or a 'lip butter' equivalent, has amazing pigmentation. It is so much more moisturising than the Revlon lip butters, that upon application appear to be nourishing but after a few minutes of wear go quite dry.  This colour is really juicy on the lips, shiny without being glossy and gives the appearance of full lips.
As you can tell I'm a bit of a fan! I now much prefer these Loreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks over the Revlon Lip Butters, I think the shade range is better (mostly pinks) and the formulation more moisturising. Sooo glad I managed to get one!!

Whats everyone's favourite shade in this range? I have Lovely Rose also and am considering picking up more. xx

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NOTD: In Style Bluebell

If you are an avid reader of beauty blogs I'm sure you will all know about the great freebies that are coming with magazines across this month and next. I was doing my weekly shop and thought that I should check the magazine stands and picked up InStyle - not one I would normally go for but that had a free Nails Inc nail polish in a lovely colour 'Bluebell'. The mag was £3.80 which is a bit steep for one that I'm not hugely interested in - but a great price if only for the polish! There are 3 shades to collect and all are exclusive to InStyle.

Nails Inc. Bluebell

(I know their not Bluebells - but still cute!!)

I'm now a little ashamed to admit that I've never tried a Nails Inc polish before, I think the high price point puts me off but I can now safely say that I will be buying them in future. The consistency is perfect, creamy and opaque in 1 coat, but 2 for perfection, and the finish is glossy.

There is so much glitter and nail art / jewellery around at the moment that I couldn't help but feel dissatisfied with a plain colour, so I added glitter to my ring fingers and instantly felt that it looked updated.

Look out for freebies in next months magazines - particularly Benefit's Porefessional in June's Glamour!

The £2 Chanel Dupe!!

I don't know if anyone wears Chanel No.5 anymore, but it's one of my favorite perfumes. The other day in Tesco I was waiting for the boyfriend and idly spritzing in the cheapo body spray section (I must have been very bored). I reached one in particular though, that made me stop suddenly as I instantly recognized it. Cue much excitement!! It was Coty's L'aimant body spray and it smells so similar to Chanel No.5!! At £2 I whipped it into the trolley.

I figured that it would be great for top-ups during the day and for when you need refreshment. When I got home I obviously compared the two, and as you expect No.5 smells deeper and more expensive, and the Coty is a much lighter version but they are very similar, particularly after the Chanel has settled on your skin.
But the science says that they should smell pretty similar... Chanel has notes of Jasmine, Neroli, Vetiver, Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood which are all present in this Coty scent.

£60 vs £2 ... Hmmm!

Obviously - This dupe will never compare in terms of prestige, longevity, having a bottle on your dresser etc etc ... but it's still fun to find dupes and know that you can find similar products for so much less. I'm pretty pleased with this find and I hope that it will send a few of you along to the cheapo section to have a sniff - I'd be interested to know if you agree!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sippin' n Dippin'

I have recently been so swamped by uni deadlines and exams and lots of pressure from my job that I have struggled to get out and release some tension .... ie. shop. So I have found myself internet shopping and my most recent purchase is a little number from Benefit!!

This is Sippin' n Dippin' - a 'Creaseless Cream Shadowliner'. The colour is a beautiful shimmer coral/orange.

It is a similar product to a Mac Paint Pot, similar in consistency and durability. I wouldn't say that it is an exact dupe for -but is VERY similar to- Mac Rubenesque - with the Mac counterpart having more of a copper tone to it. The cream hasn't creased on my eyelids all day - and I have fairly oily lids.

Left: Benefit Sippin' n Dippin, Right: Mac Rubenesque

This colour looks incredible with green eyes - or redheads. Like other cosmetic online offers such as Estee Lauder and Clinique, each order with Benefit you recieve 2 free samples. I was a little disappointed with mine when they arrived as when you chose them, they had miniature tubes pictured but they actually came as cardboard samples which are not very exciting and a little bit gross to use. I chose The Porefessional Primer and the Stay Dont Stray eye primer.

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for the Porefessional sample in this coming months issue of Glamour!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

NOTD - Disco Ball!

My NOTD today is pink with blue and silver glitter. I love how girly and immature they are, they make me smile every time I look at them!

Nail Polishes used:

Sally Hansen - Hard as Nails - x 1 coats
Models Own - Pastel Pink - x 2 coats
Rimmel Lasting Finish - Disco Ball - x 2 coats

These nails made me want to have be pastelly and spring-like today so I wore them with my new pink purse and this pastel blue knit from Topshop!

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Origins Unsung Hero - NO MORE SPOTS!

This post is dedicated to a little product I have been using for a couple of years now and I could surely not live without. Although I think it is AMAZING and truly NEEDED in every girl's skincare collection, I've never seen it in blog posts or generally hyped about in the beauty world.

Here it is ...

Origins Spot Remover - an 'anti blemish treatment gel'. It is quite crudely named and to-the-point, but hey, why not? It literally does what it says on the tin. Now, I've got to stress that I have dry/combination skin and very rarely get spots. But we do all get them, especially those hideous chin time-of-the-month eruptions or where you have oily patches, and this product is perfect for these times. If you have acne, or generally bad skin, you will probably want to look for something a little more specialized, as this is more for small spot-application (no pun intended) and you would have to end up putting it all over your face which would become expensive.

You know when you know you can feel a spot coming, like a tingly / itchy / sore feeling - or even if you can see it coming before that, pop this gel on as soon as you are aware of a blemish, and it will dry it up overnight, in some cases the spot will literally never appear. If you have just cleansed and you have open pores, or if you have sensitive skin, it will feel prickly and tingly upon application, this is because it contains salicylic acid, which we all know is amazing for clearing up spots.

This tiny little bottle is £12 for 10ml, which is hideously expensive, but I promise you, it lasts forever. I have been using this for 2/3 years and have only re-purchased once. The bottle I have is no longer sold as a current product on the Origins website but their 'Super Spot Remover' Blemish Treatment Gel (in a funky blue bottle - making my clear one jealous!) is the same thing with a new 'advanced formula'. Its so much better than any other spot treatment I have tryed, don't bother any more with those rubbish tea-tree oil wands! Have a look on the Origins website here.

Has anyone else tryed this or have any other spot secrets?! I love this product, I'm amazed its not more raved about, and I haven't had a spot for yeaars thanks to this!!

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Garnier BB Cream

In the beauty world there has been a bit of a hype surrounding the new phenomena of 'BB Creams'. Supposedly your moisturiser, SPF and foundation all in one go, it sounds too good to be true... there is plenty of choice around though with most high-street/drugstore brands all having a go at it.

I got sent this tiny cute little package from Garnier with three samples of their BB cream.

I was a little skeptical if I'm honest, but I was pleasantly surprised. The 'cream' came out quite pigmented which I wasn't expecting. When blending it in it was really moisturising and yet still gave coverage. I like quite a sheer, natural base (Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Bourjois etc) so this is not for you if you wear a full coverage foundation. I'm not sure if I would wear this alone, it gave a slightly greasy finish to my skin and I would like a teeeeny bit more coverage but it works as an excellent base underneath all my foundations as a moisturiser and primer.

I'd like to pick up the new Maybelline BB to see how it compares. To get your free sample of BB Cream go to Have you tryed any BB creams - what do you think and which do you recommend?!

Please follow guys and let me know about your blogs aswell - I read all beauty/fashion blogs and love seeing what other people are buying and trying out! I hope to do a giveaway when I reach 20 followers which would be amazing.