Thursday, 4 October 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

All of us girlies by now are in love with Samantha Chapman's Real Tecniques brushes. Most of them are now a staple part of our makeup routine and personally I have been loving using the Stippling Brush to apply my foundation.

Until this .... haha

The brush is rounded and very dense. This means that it buffs foundation into the face leaving a flawless completely airbrushed finish and the brush does not absorb loads of product, which was my only complaint with the stippling brush.

I'm just .... soooo undecided about this brush. I love that it's firm and buffs product in incredibly well, but I can't help thinking that its almost buffing all the product back off again! Sometimes I feel that its all so well blended and buffed that I never have enough foundation on!! Should't complain about having such a perfectly natural finish but ... I feel like I am actually putting more on than normal. I think this brush would be better suited to contouring cream products, on the cheek, as it is shaped well for that use and it was also hard to blend foundation in trickier areas such as around the nose/eye as the brush does not budge out of its shape - which is where the stipple brush is better suited.

As ever though, the RT quality is amazing, the taklon bristles are super soft and it's a pleasure to apply your base. Has anyone else tried this brush yet???!! And what are your feelings on it??!

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Hope your all having a lovely weeek.xx


  1. Lovely blog x I've been wanting to try that brush, but not so sure. But it does sound like it leaves your face looking good and even! x

  2. I bought this today along with 2 other brushes!! I know what you mean when they buff the product in to much! xo

  3. I keep seeing reviews of these brushes saying how amazing they are!!i need them in my life ahha x

  4. Def. going to invest in the core collection brush kit! Looks amazing x


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