Saturday, 19 May 2012

Reel Sexy

For me Mac collections are not usually the most scintillating of things; I get the emails but don't rush on over to the nearest counter to check it all out. Reel Sexy however, was a chance for me to get my hands on a lipstick that has topped my wishlist for a couple of months!! I was gutted when I missed getting Watch Me Simmer from the Shop Cook collection, as it sold out pretty swiftly. But, we know Mac and it was back with this new collection - along with another pretty that caught my eye.

'Crew' High-Light Powder, 'Watch Me Simmer' Amplified Lipstick
Watch Me Simmer

Oh My God it's the most beautiful lipstick I own (I'm sure of it!!) Its an amazing bright pink orange, that looks corally when applied. I've never bought an amplified finish before and it really is bright, wow, incredibly pigmented and really long-wearing.

I also ordered a High-Light Powder in 'Crew'.

This high-lighter is in the Hey, Sailor! collection hence the stripes. Its beautiful and the colours in it are lovely, just .... dare I say it I just don't know how to use it??! It's not shimmery or highlighting like a highlighter should be, its not pigmented enough to be a blusher - I'm baffled? I ended up using it to set my foundation but did not find it particularly illuminating or anything. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what they use it for. I'm hoping once it is worn down a little that the highlight powder will come out more.

Another pleasurable Mac haul!! Please follow if you enjoy reading and let me know about your beauty blogs also!! xx


  1. I can't remember the last time I actually purchased something from the mac collections. The lipstick looks grgeous, but it's a shame the hghlighter would not show up :/

  2. I hadn't really spotted any products I was too keen on from looking through other peoples blog posts, but that lipstick is beyond gorgeous! What a perfect colour for holidays and cocktail evenings. The highlighter looks lovely too xxx

  3. The lipstick looks such a gorgeous colour :) xx

  4. I love the look of that lipstick. This collection hasn't been released in Aus yet but I now have my eye on it.

  5. Wow that lipstick is stunning, it's a lovely looking highlitter but if it doesn't show up I'm not sure I'm going to get it, such a shame :(

  6. Girls, you must all get the lipstick - its amazing!! xx

  7. oh my god i want that lipstick! but i can't justify buying it because I have such a similar colour in a topshop lipstick - "oh la la" which is also lovely! but i love the mac amplified formula - I live and breathe mac 'chatterbox' which is amplified - so gorgeous!

  8. I bought both of these products as well! I like the higlighter as a blush on my fair skin and Watch Me Simmer is a really good summer colour. Love the post!

    PS. I tagged you in a post!


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