Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MUA Lip Boom

Today I picked up two of MUA's latest product: The Lip BOOM, created with Alexandra Burke.

The idea is great: A lipstick with gloss all in one product. I was really excited to try these out and picked them up in the shades "Cheeky!" and "OK.Com" - a pink and a nude.

L-R: Ok.Com, Cheeky!

In one end there is a matte lipstick, the other a glittery gloss. The idea is that you can use the product in 4 ways: Lipstick alone for a matte look; Lipgloss alone for a sheer finish; Lipstick with gloss and Lipstick with the gloss as a highlighter to the centre of the lips to create volume. The shades I got are great; one a dusky matte pink and the other a nudey that would look great on darker skin. There were 2-3 other shades.


This product really disappointed me. I've not yet had a negative review on my blog but sadly this is the first. The first lipstick snapped off when I attempted to swatch, not because it was hot or mushy or too far pushed up - the formula was dry, flaky and brittle. The glosses on both are sickly-sweet, smelling strongly of vanilla which I know a lot of people will hate, and the glitter is chunky and gritty. I ended up wiping the lot off after 5 minutes of wear as the texture and smell were making me queasy. As for the greasy pot of product at the end of the lipstick, I've no idea what it is or it's purpose as there is no mention of it on the packaging!

I don't know if I am being too harsh - MUA is a cheap make-up brand. These cost only £3, some of their products are really surprising in terms of quality but this was a total let down. I feel like I have wasted my money as the broken one I have chucked and the other will get no use. But if you go to pick this up even just look at the ingredients list first - Yuk!!

I got these as there were a few good mentions on renowned blogs, but I guess if I had been invited to an event with Alexandra Burke and given free products to sample, I might have had nicer things to say. I guess you can only really trust your own opinion!! Has anyone else tryed these and care to make me feel less mean?! xx


  1. I've actually seen quite a lot of negative reviews on this. Doesn't help that Alexandra is advertising them. :D xo

  2. Thats great to hear actually! Think I was being too polite - they were fricking awful!!x


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