Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The £2 Chanel Dupe!!

I don't know if anyone wears Chanel No.5 anymore, but it's one of my favorite perfumes. The other day in Tesco I was waiting for the boyfriend and idly spritzing in the cheapo body spray section (I must have been very bored). I reached one in particular though, that made me stop suddenly as I instantly recognized it. Cue much excitement!! It was Coty's L'aimant body spray and it smells so similar to Chanel No.5!! At £2 I whipped it into the trolley.

I figured that it would be great for top-ups during the day and for when you need refreshment. When I got home I obviously compared the two, and as you expect No.5 smells deeper and more expensive, and the Coty is a much lighter version but they are very similar, particularly after the Chanel has settled on your skin.
But the science says that they should smell pretty similar... Chanel has notes of Jasmine, Neroli, Vetiver, Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood which are all present in this Coty scent.

£60 vs £2 ... Hmmm!

Obviously - This dupe will never compare in terms of prestige, longevity, having a bottle on your dresser etc etc ... but it's still fun to find dupes and know that you can find similar products for so much less. I'm pretty pleased with this find and I hope that it will send a few of you along to the cheapo section to have a sniff - I'd be interested to know if you agree!!

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