Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sippin' n Dippin'

I have recently been so swamped by uni deadlines and exams and lots of pressure from my job that I have struggled to get out and release some tension .... ie. shop. So I have found myself internet shopping and my most recent purchase is a little number from Benefit!!

This is Sippin' n Dippin' - a 'Creaseless Cream Shadowliner'. The colour is a beautiful shimmer coral/orange.

It is a similar product to a Mac Paint Pot, similar in consistency and durability. I wouldn't say that it is an exact dupe for -but is VERY similar to- Mac Rubenesque - with the Mac counterpart having more of a copper tone to it. The cream hasn't creased on my eyelids all day - and I have fairly oily lids.

Left: Benefit Sippin' n Dippin, Right: Mac Rubenesque

This colour looks incredible with green eyes - or redheads. Like other cosmetic online offers such as Estee Lauder and Clinique, each order with Benefit you recieve 2 free samples. I was a little disappointed with mine when they arrived as when you chose them, they had miniature tubes pictured but they actually came as cardboard samples which are not very exciting and a little bit gross to use. I chose The Porefessional Primer and the Stay Dont Stray eye primer.

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for the Porefessional sample in this coming months issue of Glamour!!

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