Monday, 30 April 2012

April GlossyBox!

So who has had their latest Glossybox?!
We have all been waiting for this one for a while since Glossy have obviously had some issues getting the order together for this month. After a lot of negativity from the last two boxes, this was a make or break box for some! If you are a fan of Glossy on facebook you might have seen some of the abuse their poor office was getting. (!)

I've been a subscriber to Glossy since before Christmas. I pay for all of my boxes, and I too have had on/off boxes with some disappointing samples and products that didn't appear to follow my beauty profile.

But April box arrived eventually ... and here it is.

The 'natural' box

All of this months products were organic and / or natural. I grew up on an Organic farm and although I'm not a save-the-world hippy or whatever, it's slightly ingrained in me and I do like to do what I can to recycle, and gravitate towards natural foods and beauty products. After all, your putting it on your skin - why wouldn't you use natural products.

'Figs&Rouge 'Rambling Rose' Balm
The most exciting thing in the box for me this month was this gorgeous Figs & Rouge balm. It's meant to be an 'all-purpose' balm for dry skin all over the body. I am unlikely to use this anywhere other than my lips but thats fine for me and I love it. When you first put it on it feels gritty and wrong, but as you rub it in it soon smooths out to a beautiful, soft balm - and your lips feel exfoliated from rubbing it!! It's really nourishing, moisturising and smells beautiful. I'm definitely a fan!!
Get 20% off Figs & Rouge at feelunique with the code FIGS20 til 20th of May.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
The next thing I was also super pleased with, French skincare brand Caudalie's new serum - I love it! It smells AMAZING - like natural and fresh and slightly floral. Its very similar to Chanel's Precision Hydramax Active Serum - I wear it under moisturiser in the morning. And since its hydrating its great for my dry skin - WELL DONE Glossy for noting my beauty profile!
Go to for a free travel kit with all purchases over £40.

Ayuuri Coconut Natural Body Wash - I've been getting a bit fed up of recieving body washes in my boxes - I feel like it's a bit of a cop-out product, I think I've had one in every box so far and I don't really see shower gel as an exciting beauty product. However getting a full-size product is quite impressive, this one smells lovely, is natural and has jasmine and aloe vera extracts. Can't go wrong.

Inika Organic Eyeliner - in Purple Minx - Another great full-size product - not the most wearable colour but might look nice as an evening look. It felt creamy when I swatched.

Kai Perfume Oil - Again I'm getting bored of tiny perfume vials in what seems to be every box - I have said I'll recieve perfumes in my beauty profile but not every time and some people recieve cute miniature bottles of fragrances whereas I seem to get these chucked in everytime. This one's a bit spicy/herbal smelling, sort of what you'd expect a 'natural' fragrance to smell off. I think it will be one of those fragrances that are tranformed once on the skin though.

So that's what I recieved this month, overall I'm quite pleased with everything. Again I am not affiliated with Glossybox and I payed for this box, like all my others. Did anyone else recieve any of these goodies / or what did you get?! Will you be staying with Glossybox?

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