Friday, 13 April 2012

Ciate Caviar - Fake It!

There has been so much hype recently surrounding the Ciate Caviar Nails and personally I think its just one of those rubbishy fads ... its not going to be something we all religiously do throughout the year is it - very unlikely. But they are pretty and a cool idea and after seeing Fleur de Force review the Ciate ones i had a look. They are horrendously expensive and mostly sold out. So I decided to have a go - DIY style.

My new ELF nail polish in Lilac, and Petit glass beads

Instead of going for an all over nail look I thought I would try to make it more wearable, and make tiny crosses on my ring finger.
Just apply 2 coats of nail varnish as usual, then when dry apply a coat in the shape you want the beads to be. Let it dry until its tacky then sprinkle beads over, push into shape and leave to dry.

They are SO impractical but really pretty and different. The beads I used are far too big, you need micro beads really about the size of hundreds and thousands. (hmmm ... maybe I could try those?!) But instead of £18 this cost me £1.60.

Has anyone else tryed DIY Caviar? I'd love to see some other attempts.
Please follow guys !! xx

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  1. wow your nails look really cute. good job!


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