Sunday, 15 April 2012

LUSH Magnaminty

I'd never tryed Lush face products before now, I've not been a fan of all the crazy smells that hit you as you walk into the shop ... but I went in recently to get the Lip Scrub (which is awesome!) and was really converted. I don't think I've ever had a proper look round Lush and was really in awe of all the spatulas dipped in funky-smelling concoctions. Not really knowing how it all worked I wandered over to where they were all potted up. I figured trying out a face mask was innocent enough and went for 'Mask of Magnaminty'.

Mask of Magnaminty

It smells initially of peppermint and then, oddly, something like raw potatoes (ha!) almost a bit earthy. Aduki beans make up the bulk of the mask and are the bits that act like a scrub when you wash the mask off.

Green Goo

I forced my My boyfriend put it on with me and I loved the sensation the peppermint oil gave. After a few seconds of being on my face it gave an all-over, menthol tingle to my face - like it was impenetrating my pores and CLEANSING! The boy hated it though - it made him really uncomfortable! After 10 minutes or so you scrub it off with warm water and my skin just felt really clean and pores tight. After all the complaining the boyfriend couldnt stop stroking his face - even the day after - 'Oooh its soo soft' haha.

I think I'm a Lush convert! I cant believe that I havent tryed anything before! Has anyone used this mask before or recommend any others? What else should I give a go in Lush??!


  1. I also have a review on this...strangely enough, I went in for the lip scrub and came out with one of these masks too! xo


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