Friday, 13 April 2012

ELF HAUL Continues...

The original haul post was going to be so long so I decided to do it in two parts - you can see the Lips part in the post below!

Next in the haul is EYES:

Waterproof Eyeliner in Coffee £1.50
Eyeshadow Brush £1.50
Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Cream/Black Liquorice £1.50
Eye Transformer £3.50
 Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal £3.50
Cream Eyeliner

Waterproof Eyeliner in Coffee
Duo Cream Eyeshadow Dark Grey Colour 
Duo Cream Eyeshadow Blue Colour
4 Eye Transformer colours
 Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal
Eye Transformer Palette - So hard to photograph their amazing colours in the swatch!

Eyeshadow Brush – This was so cheap at £1.50, its similar in shape to a MAC 214, its really soft and I'm sure I will get use out of it.
Duo Cream Eyeshadow - Creamy formulation, really blendable colours and will be great for a blue smokey eye.
Waterproof Eyeliner – I imagine that this will fry out fairly quickly. The nib is a felt-tip style applicator which makes it so simple to draw on although it is fairly scratchy.
Cream Eyeliner – Cute little pot, claims to be water resistant and smudge proof. Comes with a little brush that I probably wont use. Feels dry at first although I'm sure it will get creamy when I get further into the pot.
Eye Transformer – Supposedly a palette to transform your other eyeshadows, turning dark colours into ‘new shimmering hues’. It has a useful mirror inside and another brush which again I don’t think I will use. I’m not sure about using it with other eyeshadows but the shades are perfect for the spring pastels trend and are great as slightly shimmery bases, or brow highlighters. I really love the peach shade and think it would look amazing over MAC Rubenesque!


Studio Cream Blush in Heartbreaker £6.50
All Over Color Stick in Persimmon £1.50
Nail Polish in Lilac £1.50

Cream Blush and All-Over Colour Stick
L-R : Colour Stick in Persimmon, Cream Blush in Heartbreaker
Nail Polish in Lilac

Cream Blush - The colour of this is beautiful, although I wouldn't really have said it was a cream. Its kind of a strange mix between powder and cream and i'm really unsure how to apply it.

Colour Stick - A cheap version of the infamous Nars Multiple!! I have the colour Persimmon, and its a gorgeous shimmery nude with the slight scent of orange - which I know some people will hate!

Nail Polish - An OK nail polish for £1.50 - a pastelly shade perfect for spring. On application it is watery in a nice way, easy to apply and is opaque in 2-3 coats.
My thoughts on ELF ....I think it is obvious really that you get what you pay for, a lot of this I payed £1.50 for which is ridiculous, but I found a lot of the products I was really surprised with. This brand probably aims for a younger market hence the low price, so if your a make-up snob then you probably wont be impressed by it! The 'mineral' and 'studio' collections are by far the best - they cost a little more, most things are at £3.50 and the most expensive at £6.50. They have better packaging and seem to have nicer formulas than the main collection.
Overall I'm fairly pleased, I don't feel like I have wasted any money since I hardly spent that much anyway, and with all products bought online you have the element of disappointment.
Use the code FOUNDPINKYUK for 20% off. Here is a link to the E.L.F website - has anyone else tryed things from them? I'd be interested to see if people agree with my thoughts or are interested in trying the brand.

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