Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Exciting new blog unveiled!!

Oh Haiiii!!! I am just a little excited right now - to introduce the Samantha's Secret new blog design and it is ALL thanks to the lovely Steph from Bonjour Belle. I'm really rubbish with technical things, and made do with a handmadey header for a bit while I figured out where I wanted my blog to go, to look like etc and see if I actually got followers! Its been going about 2 months now and I was have been surprised and happy by the interest my posts have got and wanted to do something about the presentation of the blog.

Steph offers a personalised, super-cheap design service that can provide you with a header, backgrounds, images etc. She also offers packages that include a full blog design with header, widget images, signature and a blog button for a crazy six pounds!!!

Besides the fact that result is beautiful, incredibly cheap and tailored to individual needs, Steph offers a friendly, professional service and aims to turn around your design in a day.
Go check out her design shop here - she also has a pretty awesome blog which you should definitely follow - Bonjour Belle.

I'm so so pleased with the new look, and I definitely recommend looking up Steph's design service if your blog needs a re-vamp - before the prices are hiked up!! (Steph I definitely think they should be!!!!)
Hope you all like the new look - what do you think??!


  1. Thank you so so much this is lovely!!! :)Means a lot to me! xxx

  2. lovely blog! xx

  3. i don't know what the "before" layout looked like, but i definitely like the new look! and wow, six pounds?! what a bargain! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. This looks great, good job :) xx

  5. Thanks guys! Loving the new neatness haha!xx


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