Saturday, 9 June 2012

Glossybox 1st Birthday Box

I know ... it's super late - but one for the archive!!?

My boxes have been delivered to my uni house while I was in term time - now I am home and I didn't get the chance to go pick this one up until this week! I've had about 4 or 5 Glossy boxes now and this months was their first birthday box.

So... Happy Birthday Glossy!!

Like I have said in the review of last month's box, and as you will be aware if you subscribe, Glossy boxes can be quite hit or miss and all 5 products are rarely exciting. But its a great way to discover new brands and sample products before you commit to buying them. Here's what I got in this months box:

Noble Isle Shower Gel - Surprise surprise, another token shower gel! I think I have had one in every box.

Lolita Lempika Fragrances - In L'eau en Blanc and Si Lolita eau de Toilette. These are pretty fragrances and the full sized bottles are beautiful. Si Lolita is described as the 'sweet spicy freshness of Sweet Pea', and L'eau en Blanc 'a bouquet of White Violets with a hint of Raspberry and Musk.' (It smells a bit like those Granny Violets sweets - or whatever they are called haha!)

Weleda Face Cream / Body Milk - I'm entirely unsure if I have the face or body cream since all the writing on the packaging is in foreign languages. I'm going to guess face since its a teeny tube. I used a Weleda toner from a previous Glossy and really enjoyed it so am keen to see how I get on with this.

Uniqone Hair Treatment - I am so into my hair oils and masks at the moment, while it is getting longer and growing out bleach I am really concentrating on it's condition so I can't wait to use this and hope it makes a difference.

Let's Go Lashes - I got a set of black lashes in 'Tease'. They look pretty full and long - perhaps something to try for a big party!

And a cute free Glossy pocket Mirror!

Another so-so bunch of products, the most exciting probably being the hair mask. The most disappointing thing about Glossy is that I am yet to recieve any stand-out make-up products, even though that is what my beauty profile stipulates. I'm also sad to see that some people got HD Brow products which I would have loved :(

What do we think girls - stick with Glossy for another month? Switch to Joliebox or competitor? Or has the novelty worn off entirely? I'm struggling to justify the £12 anymore.


  1. I've been on the fence about beauty boxes since I first heard about them, I don't think I would want to spend £12 to get a box of products that I wasn't too happy about, it just depends on luck really x

    1. I know what you mean, sometimes after I get my box I wish I had just got a few things from Boots instead - way more exciting!x
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