Monday, 25 June 2012

Samantha's Secret | NOTD - Nude Work Nails

The other week I had to work at the Aegon Championships at The Queens Club in Kensington. For those of you who arn't tennis fans, it's a tournament that bridges the gap between the French Open (clay courts) and Wimbledon (grass courts) for male players.

It was a looong tiring week, with a lot of drama. Anyone who was watching may have seen the final in which Nalbandian kicked a board in fury which collapsed and injured a linesman (Who now is incidentally pressing charges for assault, after the player received an £8000 fine and was immediately disqualified.) It was also full of booze, glamour, and celebrity. (Hello Andy Roddick, Holly Valance and Alan Davies - woop). (I my job...)

GBR Jamie Baker vs FRA Tsonga

Sadly though while I am away with work I'm not allowed to wear nail polish, so my nail of last week was a plain nude with french tips.

These are my own nails, which were in pretty good nick if I do say so myself, (not so much after a 72 hour week at work) and I used Revlon Pink Nude and Rimmel Pro French Manicure in French Ivory.

Quite a boring one I'm afraid but a fun week for me indeed!
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  1. your nails are beautiful! xxx

  2. You have the nicest nails! This looks lovely x

  3. You have such nice nails! I wish mine looked like that.

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  5. Love nude-hues for nails, they are the best and more sophisticated nail colours for work! Looks lovely!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. I love your blog great work :) follow me and I’ll follow you back x


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