Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Samantha's Secret | Project Samples

Spurred on by the gorgeous Leanne Marie, who has ventured on a mission to use up all her samples, I am starting on Project Sample!
I too am guilty of hoarding samples, I have soo many, mini-sized bottles, sachet samples, foundation testers ...

I'm hoping that during this mission I will find some new things I love, save money on splurging on other things to try (hardly likely) and create some space on my dresser! I will probably be sad to see them go, but I will always collect more :)

If you wonder where I manage to collect all these samples from - here are a few tips:

1. Keep an eye out for magazine promo's that offer free samples of high-end cosmetics, recent examples are Glamour and Benefit, InStyle and Nails Inc, some other magazines were offering Rituals bodycare, Leighton Denny and Ciate nail polishes, Body Shop Make-up ... there is always something. With most mags priced under £3, even if you never read it the product will be bargainous!! But don't be sucked into thinking that you have to buy something just because there is something free on offer - if you wont use it then shake off the advertising that is slooowly sucking you in ... buy me.. buy me. (As if I am trying to give that piece of advice, hypocrite.)

2. If you buy something from a high-end counter, e.g Chanel, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac etc etc, ALWAYS ask for some samples! They are happy to give them out it's their job to promote the brand's product!

3. If you want to try out new foundations, do some research into one that you might like, then pop up to their counter and sound like you know what you are talking about. Give them some spiel about how you usually struggle to get on with foundation, or you are really excited to try out a particular one but you would like to see how it works on your skin. They will match you up, squirt a little into a bottle and you will have a 10-day sample!

4. Some of my samples are from beauty boxes. Personally I wouldn't overly recommend them unless you are overflowing with spare cash. If you are, the most well-known are Glossybox or Joliebox. If you're not, I've found a great site called Latest in Beauty, where you can purchase small samples or beauty boxes for great prices - and know what you are getting first.

Hope any of these are helpful, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into my sample trialling!! Is anyone else on Project Sample??!

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  1. I finally need to start asking for samples, as I hardly ever do when I buy high end product. And good luck in testing the one you have x


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