Saturday, 23 June 2012

Samantha's Secret | June Glossybox

My poor Glossybox has been sitting outside for a couple of days, gone completely unnoticed by me! When I eventually brought it in last night he was a little sodden! Hence why I was wondering why everyone was managing to do their June Glossy post and I hadn't had mine! (Excuses, excuses)

Anyway, as I say every month, for me Glossy box is on probation and I'd given it one box more to impress me before I made the decision to cancel. At risk of sounding grumpy, I have gotten a bit fed up of shower gels, tiny perfume samples and just generally pants things.

Glossy is back to it's classic pink packaging, with this months theme supposedly 'Sexy Summer'. Here's what I got this month:

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Cream Stick - this is quite exciting and I'm looking forward to trying it out, as with anything that is championed by the Pixiwoo sisters!!  

BM bronzer - so far I have found a little orange, but I will stick with it and do a proper post on the results.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara - The wand looks amazing.

Dermalogica Clean Start - With a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Quite keen to try this as I have heard good things from the brand.

... and something that really doesn't deserve a pink title ... a Glossybox brush. I won't be putting this anywhere near my face as it's ugly, scratchy and sheds so badly. The fact that they have named it a 'Pro Beauty' brush and priced it at £15 is a bit of a joke. Plugging their own brand line of accessories over giving us luxury samples is also a little shameful.

This month's box is okay, its certainly not the worst one I've had and all of these things I am keen to get trying and see if I like them. But sadly I have seen other people have not had such luck and got some really rubbish things ... much like I myself have previously found from the Glossy lottery.

 I hate to be negative but it's got to be said or more people will be wasting their money. You only have to look at the facebook page to see all the ranting from unsatisfied customers, and absolutely zero response from Glossybox, who in the mean time are boasting about parties they are throwing for beauty 'gurus' or taking their staff off to the races. It's sad how much money they have probably raked in - they are laughing their way to the bank with this business plan!!
My advice to anyone who has not yet subscribed to a beauty box, buy a cute lipstick that you will love for months with your £12 instead. While your at it, put on your best smile and enthusiastically ask for samples of things you would love to try out from your favourite beauty counters. I guarantee you will get some amazing stuff, for free and it will be something you actually love and try out. In future when I need an injection of samples and new things to try, I will be heading to Latest in Beauty, where you can see the samples you will receive and is a hell of a lot cheaper. Read my post on it here!


  1. Thanks for the review, I don't subscribe to a glossybox & tbh I don't think I will, I've heard good things about the She Said Beauty box, but like you I get my samples from Latest in Beauty! x

    1. Dooon bother in my humble opinion haha! Yay for Latest in Beauty!!xx

  2. Clean start products are amazing!

    1. Thanks - good to know!! Going to try them out when I go away this week!xx

  3. I appreciate the really honest review, kind of refreshing to read such blunt honesty!

    The Urban Umbrella



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