Thursday, 28 June 2012

Samantha's Secret | Kate Moss Lipstick '16'

I've been looking out for the Kate Moss lipstick collection for Rimmel, but as usual with a local Boots, the stand is always raided, all the lipstick bullets have been mashed up (thanks 12-year old delinquents) and the shade selection is rubbish. This week though I managed to get to an out of town SUPER-Boots (yay) and found this beauty which has been added to the range for S/S12.

I love the simple black packaging with a cute Kate signature and the infamous Rimmel crown. I think it's fairly sleek for a drugstore lippie case! I LOVE this shade. When I have previously perused the collection it has mainly featured darks and nudes, but this new addition is going to be a firm favourite with a lot of us I feel!! Its a beauutiful coral pink, not dissimilar to Mac Costa Chic.

Rimmel Kate Moss 'Lasting Finish' in 16

It's sad that this shade is named '16' as it really doesn't do justice to the formula, colour and longevity of the formula. It's like its just been shelved with all the other '009' '12' etc dull crappy drugstore things that we have to wade through to find gems like this one!!

It claims to be a lasting finish and I have to agree, it goes on smoothly but has a semi-matte finish that lasts for so long. You definitely need to have moisturised / exfoliated, whatever you need to do as the matte-ness and opacity of this shade will show up chapped lips terribly.

All in all I'm sure you can tell that I love this and it will be a firm favourite for the summer! Now that I am pleased with the formula of this collection I would love to pick up a few more ... maybe a nude?


  1. I really like this colour lipstick.

    It looks perfect for summer! :)
    If we ever get a summer, haha.

    Laura xx

    1. Doesn't look like it does it :( xx

  2. Love this shade! And completely understand what you mean about those Boots delinquents - I can never find sealed and untouched things, except in the high street kensington branch!


  3. Lovely colour - I want to get myself the bright red shade :-)


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