Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Samantha's Secret | CK One Shock

At the moment Boots are giving out both vouchers for 5 off No.7 or 5 off certain brands' fragrance. Calvin Klein is one of the brands included in the promotion and I was instantly drawn to this - CKone Shock. It's a feminine twist on the original classic CKone which most people love, but I just also love the cute white bottle.

It is described as:

"A juicy, flavourful floriental that warms into a sexy skin musk... opens with a fierce bouquet of passionflower, pink peony, and jewelled poppy flower. The intensity deepens with blackberry, jasmine and narcisse flower drizzled with a liquid accord. The addictive signature finishes with magnetic ambers enveloped in vanillin and patchouli, wrapped in second skin musk.

Sounds amazing huh! But basically it's a beautifully fruity smell with an underlying musk which I absolutely love. It's great for everyday use, light and fresh enough for work.

For reference my other favourite perfume is Vera Wang Lovestruck which is quite similar and I also wear Chanel No5. If your a fan of these I'm sure you will be with me on loving this!!


  1. I love fruity scents, I'll have to smell this next time. The packaging is also really pretty :)

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  3. I love it when Boots do there vouchers and get some really good deals or a nail polish for nearly free :)

    Tanesha x


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